Antimicrobial Shirt Sweat Yoga

Antimicrobial shirts from Singlo Sport have more use cases than you might think. Here’s 10 reasons to rethink your traditional sportswear

1) Yoga Anyone? – No matter how much you sweat, feel confident in every posture with the Singlo Tech T. It might just save the day your classmates too.

2) Lazy on Laundry? – Hey, some days you just don’t have time or care. It’s OK! …Simply re-use your Singlo T. It will still be fresh. Promise!

3) Road Trip! – Got a long flight or a lengthy car ride? – Keep travel clean with antimicrobial shirts from Singlo Sport.  

4) Save Cash – Believe it or not laundry costs money. Singlo antimicrobial sportswear doesn’t need to be washed like other sportswear.  

6) Get Cozy! –Exercising in comfortable gear makes the experience so much more pleasurable. The Singlo T is made of soft breathable bamboo.

7) Get More Attention – Once word gets out on how soft your shirt is people are going to want to touch you all the time. Enjoy!

8 ) Running late? – Sudden dinner plans after the gym? Keep the same shirt on if want. The Singlo T will still be fresh.

9) Sport Juggling? – Going straight from soccer practice to the gym?– No need to pack a change of clothes with the Singlo antimicrobial shirt.

10) Staph Infection –Staph infections are not fun and gyms or your smelly gym bag is not as clean as you think – Singlo antimicrobial shirts eliminate 99% of bacteria.

What’s the point?

There are many great benefits to switching out you conventional gym shirt for a high tech & comfortable Singlo Sport antimicrobial shirt

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