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We all know it’s important to hit the gym at least couple of times a week. Yet, what many gym goers do not pay enough attention to is personal hygiene. Gyms offer the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and our sweaty body can act as the perfect carrier to spread them around.

Have you ever been to a gym locker room that didn’t smell very pleasant? … It’s actually bacteria which is causing that odor.

Statistics show that more than 65% of human diseases are caused because of microbes and 99% of the time they are because of not maintaining proper hygiene standards. Making use of antimicrobial products could help reduce your chances of contracting any such disease to a great extent.

Below are few tips that you could use to maintain a good hygienic environment both during and after workouts:

Wear freshly laundered clothes while hitting the gym.

  • Sanitize your hands before and after using the gym equipment using antimicrobial soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Keep a towel in hand to wipe off your sweat.
  • After training, hit the shower and get into a fresh set of clothes. It is not advisable to linger around wearing the sweaty gym clothes.
  • All sweaty clothing should be taken out of your bags when you get home, and set aside to be washed.

Beyond the above, there are now antimicrobial sports clothing products available which aim to eliminate germs and odor present in sweat. Singlo Sport products are unique since they contain a revolutionary organic antimicrobial dye technology that safely kills bacteria that causes odor in the first place. The products are also made out of organic bamboo which makes them light weight, breathable, sweat absorbing, and very comfortable.

So what’s the point?

Try to practice good hygiene whenever possible to reduce collecting unwanted germs and odor. If you feel like taking your sports hygiene to higher level there are now products available to keep you germ and odor free.

Have a safe and happy workout!



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