Antimicrobial Shirt Protection: Bacteria 101

Singlo Sport - Antimicrobial Protection

Did you know that when you exercise your sweat does not smell at all?!?

However, your sweat does quickly serve as the perfect place for bacteria to breed and grow at a rapid rate.

These bacteria break down sweat to produce fatty acids which give off that ‘rotten egg’ smell that everyone around you quickly grows to hate. What can be even more scary is that this bacteria can become more serious and can make you sick and even be fatal as seen in some cases with Staph or MRSA.

So the question is … how do you workout without accumulating potentially harmful bacteria and embarrassing odor?

The Answer: The bacteria that cause the smell must be attacked and eliminated

That’s right! … Eliminating the bacteria once it becomes present is the only sound option to a clean and odorless workout.

This is where Singlo Sport antimicrobial sports gear is here to help.

Singlo Sport products eliminate the bacteria that accumulates on your clothing when you sweat.

Singlo Sport was successful in coming up with a new and unique bacteria and odor eliminating technology which we have named SingloTex™. We have made use of the advanced scientific technology to come up with an indigenous organic dye which when comes in contact with any form of light (sunlight or indoor light) generate a bacteria destroying agent called Singlet Oxygen … (and hence,  the name Singlo Sport)

So what’s the point?

When you workout you shouldn’t have to worry about bacteria and odor. Instead you should be focused on having the best workout of your life. At Singlo Sport, our products are designed around keeping workouts clean and comfortable, leaving our customers feel their best before, during, and after their workouts!

Have a clean, safe, and odor free workout


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