Organic Cotton

Singlo Sport carefully chose to use a blend of bamboo and organic cotton as the materials for its antimicrobial tech tee. Here are a few interesting facts about organic cotton:

Less Environmental Stress: Organic cotton is produced from cotton that is generally rain-fed, using less water than regular cotton and no pesticides. This means less allergies or irritations for people with sensitive skin! Also, there are almost no chemicals involved in the production of organic cotton t-shirts. Everyone says that nothing beats the feel of cotton, but what you’re probably not told is that regular (non-organic) cotton uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and also uses 10% of the world’s pesticides.

Saves Water: Mass irrigation is needed to harvest regular cotton. In fact, regular cotton uses 3,000 cubic meters more of water per acre to grow than organic cotton. Most organic cotton is rain-fed and not irrigated.

Keeps People Employed and Safe: Organic cotton is hand-picked to keep the ground happy, instead of dumping mass amounts of chemicals on the land, which can have the unfortunate effect of getting caught in the wind and poisoning workers, ground water and the animals that depend on the ground water.

What’s the Point?

Singlo Sport cares deeply about producing products that are made from sustainable resources. Not only are our products 100% organic but also our odor block technology is founded upon the principles of green chemistry that harnesses the power of light (a sustainable source of energy) to generate Singlet Oxygen that eliminates odors.

It’s true that many people prefer the comfort of cotton over synthetic materials (i.e. polyester)  ….

However, right now only 0.5% of the cotton market is organic. When deciding on your next sportswear garment you have an important choice to make on what kind of material you want. Under basic supply and demand principles, the more organic cotton that’s bought … the more will be made. Perhaps one day, we will get rid of regular cotton for good which would make the world a better place. 

Stay Fresh!

-The Singlo Sport Team

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