Bamboo Shirts Are Great For The Winter

It’s getting cold outside, and you want to go for a run or walk. What are you supposed to wear? You obviously want to stay warm. However, you want to be comfortable and light, at the same time, right?

Back in the day, there weren’t many options for winter gear. Your only option was pretty much a sweatshirt and sweatpants. However, these days there are many high tech fabrics that blow traditional cotton material out of the water.

Here are three solid tips to make sure you are dressing appropriately for the cold.

Tip #1: Dress in Layers – The best way to dress for cold weather is to put on multiple layers. Why? If you wear one heavy outer garment you are going to overheat and sweat too much. As a result, this creates wetness and discomfort. Also, research shows that exercising can make you feel 30 degrees warmer than it really is. Thus, wearing several layers gives you the flexibility to adjust your temperature accordingly.

Tip #2: Stay Dry – Staying dry is essential in the winter because it prevents discomfort and muscle tightness. In order to stay dry it’s important to choose fabrics that do a good job of wicking away moisture from your skin. Synthetics are best known for their moisture wicking capabilities. However, the problem with synthetics is that the material is not that comfortable, and is also notorious for odor build up. Many consumers are now switching over to natural fabrics, like bamboo, since these fabrics provide both extreme comfort and moisture wicking capabilities. Nothing feels like a cozy bamboo shirt during the winter time!

Tip #3: Cover up – It’s widely known that it’s important to cover the head, hands, and feet when it’s cold. However, many don’t realize that it’s even more important to do this when working out since exercise pulls blood away from these areas toward your core. Therefore, make sure you bust out the knitted hats (make sure it can fit over your ears), gloves, and socks to prevent heat from escaping through these outlets. 

What’s The Point?

Choosing the appropriate clothing for your outdoor winter workouts is important.By dressing in layers, choosing the right fabrics, and covering up areas where heat easily escapes you can have a much more pleasurable workout experience. 

Stay Fresh!

- The Singlo Sport Team



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