Bamboo Shirts Keep You Fresh At The Gym

Everyone wants to get in shape at the beginning of the year. People have New Years resolution promises to keep, and the cold weather outside forces most people to bring their workouts indoors. Thus, gym memberships increase by an average of 12% every January, according to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association).

The problem is that with the spike in gym memberships comes a lot of bad etiquette.

Here are 8 things that drive most people crazy at the gym. You should try to avoid these mistakes at all costs. If you don’t see yours there make sure to share your frustrations in the comments section below.

  1. #1 Sweat Puddles

Nothing is worse than when you go up to a machine or bench and find that the previous person using the equipment didn’t have the courtesy to wipe off their sweat. It really isn’t too much to ask for people to carry a towel and wipe off the machines after using it. It’s simply an icky feeling lying down in a strangers pool of sweat or picking up a slippery weight. If you forget to bring a towel (and lots of people do) you can always use your shirt or paper towels provided by the gym.

  1. #2 Equipment Hogs

Don’t sit on a machine or bench while you rest between sets. Remember that the gym equipment is meant to be shared. Especially, when it’s really busy! Therefore, be courteous to get up and let others around you “work in” and share the equipment. Also, if you happen to come across the friend make sure not to block the equipment as your chatting away.

  1. #3 Machine Bullies

On the other end of the spectrum of the equipment hogs are the pests who linger by, and are ready to pounce the instant you go over the 30 minute limit on the Stair Master or practically grab the weights off you before you have finished your final set. Remember that the gym is busy and politely wait your turn.

  1. #4 Foul Smells 

Body odor simply annoys everyone around. It’s really that simple. People are now starting to realize that some workout shirts are more prone to foul smells than others. Bamboo shirts are becoming a preferred choice among many gym goers since they are extremely soft, breathable, and are great at wicking away moisture. The great thing about Singlo Bamboo Shirts is that our shirts also contain a special light activated odor block technology that gives you continuous protection against odors during your toughest of workouts.

  1. #5 Noisy Neighbors

Nobody wants to hear you bantering away on your cell phone, especially if you’re talking at a really high decibel level. There are no rules that state you can’t answer your phone at the gym. However, in some situations you really shouldn’t be taking on the phone at all. If you’re ever in a class and want to piss off your instructor, answer your phone and start up a conversation. 

  1. #6 Locker Room Exhibitionists

No matter how comfortable you are with your body, do everyone else in the locker room a favor a wrap a towel around your waist when you’re walking around. While everyone gets the fact that you must be nude for some period of time while you change, few have any tolerance for the guy or gal they perceive as remaining on display for too long.

  1. #7 Advice Givers

You should really think twice before you start giving advice to random strangers in the gym as not everyone is appreciative of it. Guys, while it may be tempting to show the ladies how it’s done in often cases they just want to be left alone.

  1. #8 Unfit Fashion

Pick sportswear that has minimal branding (i.e. the Nike Swoosh) or no branding at all. These styles are classy, subtle, and will match the rest of your training gear. Loud flashy logos generally look cheesy and make you look like your trying too hard.

Also, don’t be that person that is rocking sunglasses with the Bluetooth headset. This just looks silly.

When you are at the gym make sure that you’re comfortable. You should be able to move freely and have a full range of motion for all of your exercises. Look for fabrics that keep you dry (moisture wicking), breath well, and keep you fresh (stink free). Bamboo shirts are perfect for the gym since they are extremely comfortable, fit well, are highly breathable, and are great at wicking away moisture.

What’s the point?

Believe it or not, there’s more to a gym subscription than paying your monthly dues and showing up regularly. When you are clean, fresh, and respectful you enhance the gym experience for yourself and everyone else around you. If you are looking to stay comfortable, stylish, and fresh at the gym consider bamboo shirts from Singlo Sport. Click here to learn more about these amazing bamboo shirts.  

What are your biggest gym pet peeves? Please be specific as possible. 


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