Bamboo Shirts are great choice for the gym

The gym is a social environment where you want to look good. Here are a few dress tips for making sure you do.  

Get comfortable

When you’re working out you need clothing that will give you a full range of motion. Therefore, stick to clothing that’s comfortable and fits well (not too baggy and not too tight). Consider bamboo shirts since they are extremely comfortable, and provide a nice athletic fit. If you have a fit body it’s OK to wear t-shirts and tanks on the tighter side. Just make sure to keep it clean and simple. 

Some guys might prefer to go with go with a synthetic/polyester fabric. However, keep in mind that sweat easily gets trapped in this kind of fabric. This can cause foul odors rashes. The nice thing about Singlo bamboo shirts is that they are not only naturally antimicrobial from the bamboo, but they are also enhanced with a odor block technology called SingloTex™.

A little matching goes a long way

When it comes to picking combinations of items to wear THINK SIMPLE. Your entire outfit should be 2 two 3 colors max.You can’t go wrong with the following colors: Black, Gray, Earth Tones, and White.

Stay minimal

Pick sportswear that has minimal branding (i.e. the Nike Swoosh) or no branding at all.These styles are classy, subtle and will match the rest of your training gear. Loud flashy logos generally look cheesy and make you look like your trying too hard. 

Wear shorts

When you’re doing cardio or leg workouts wear shorts. They give you more range and better breathability. As far as length goes, look for shorts to go just above the knees. Like your tops, make sure to keep it simple with neutral colors, and minimal or no branding. This way you can match with your shoes and shirt. If you’re doing an upper body workout either track pants or shorts is recommended. Certainly avoid jeans since it’s not the most giving fabric.


Again, simplicity and comfort are key. Minimize the amount of colors and flashiness, and buy shoes that will serve their purpose. For example, if your running on the treadmill choose a shoe that gives you support in the heel and enough room in the toes. If you’re planning to do aerobics, make sure to find a shoe with enough ankle support for side-to-side exercises.

Keep your socks short

Make sure to choose socks that are thin, cut off at the ankles, and breathe well. Long socks are certainly not in style anymore.

What’s the point?

When picking your clothes for the gym make sure to keep in mind the principles of comfort and simplicity. If you do that, and follow the other recommendations outlined in this post, you can’t go wrong. 

Stay Fresh!

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