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This week Singlo Sport’s bamboo shirts were featured on

What is Green Living Ideas you might ask? …

Green Living Ideas (GLI) is part of the Important Media network and covers sustainability topics from every angle across their growing network. They have over a million unique monthly readers actively engaged in sustainability and health issues.

Singlo Sport reached out to GLI in order to have them try some of our Singlo Men’s Crew and Singlo Women’s Scoop bamboo shirts. We were really excited when they gladly accepted, and then put the shirts through a few pretty stiff odor tests right away. These tests included extensive back-to-back runs and hiking trips.

The results?

After the GLI team pushed the bamboo shirts to limit, they were certainly impressed! GLI’s CEO, Scott Cooney (who tested the shirt), mentions “The bottom line is that I’m impressed. The Singlo bamboo shirt has a great athletic cut, moves well, doesn’t stink, and is SOOOO soft. I mean, it is really really soft.”

For the full Singlo Sport review, on the GLI website, click here!

Do you have a website that is focused on sustainability or green technology? If so, Singlo Sport would like to hear from you, and possibly send you one of our Singlo bamboo shirts for a test review. Click here to contact us today!

Stay Fresh!

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  1. Asim Khan

    With so much going on rush, we hardly ever have any time to think about how we could secure the planet. We don’t understand that many of the aspects we do on a regular living basis could be destructive both to our atmosphere and our up comings. Being eco-friendly and buying green is the best way to help secure the planet. Really your GLI team have discovered many resources regarding it. Your recommendations, ideas, and how to keep ourself residing ‘green’! is excellent. Thanks for awaring us with this great post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. admin

    Well put Asim!

    Your absolutely right! Everything we do has an impact on our planet — good or bad. Choosing eco friendly products will help society move one step forward toward our goal to saving the plant and improving the world’s overall quality of life.

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“As a professional athlete it gives me peace of mind that Singlo Sport bamboo shirts keep me both fresh and safe. On top of all that, the fit is amazing and the fabric is super soft. I just love working out in this shirt!” Angela Durazo, Professional Triathlete, San Diego, CA “I really love these bamboo shirts! I think it’s a great product and I recommend it to everyone out there!” Joe Decker, Guinness World Record Holder "Fittest Man", San Diego, CA “I reached out to Singlo Sport when I needed a sport tech garment that would protect me from odor while I was spending 30 days straight rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. I ended up wearing this shirt 25 days straight and it never once let me down!” Bryan Fuller, Professional Rower, Boston, MA