How To Stay Fresh On-The-Go


Staying fresh on-the-go, after fitness, can be challenging. No matter what your exercise … biking, climbing, running or lifting weights at the gym … at some point you’re going to sweat, and at some point you’re going to stink.

Obviously, the most effective way to get fresh after exercise would be to go home and take a shower. If you happen to be at the gym you could also take a shower there. However, unless you have a spare change of clothes, you are going to have to put on the same stinky gear from your workout … which is not very pleasant!

So if you’re not going straight home to take a shower here are a few tips to stay fresh on-the-go:  

  1. 1) Make sure to slap on some deodorant before and after working out. Hey, sometimes this is easy to forget … but remember this is essential. Also, if you frequently are on the go it might make sense to keep a spare stick in your car or gym bag.
  3. 2) Look for antimicrobial clothing whenever possible. These products will prevent odor from taking over during and after your workouts. Traditional sportswear does nothing to eliminate bacteria and keep foul odors at bay. Also, try to keep a spare change of clothes in your car or gym bag if you can. 
  5. 3) Keep some cologne or perfume in your car. However, keep in mind that this will only mask your odor to some extent.


What’s the point?

If you have to remain on-the-go after working out there are certain things you can do to remain fresh and confident. If you prepare properly, and also start wearing antimicrobial clothing, your post workout experiences can be so much more pleasurable.

Stay Fresh,

The Singlo Sport Team

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