Bamboo Shirts Fight Odor And Keep You Feeling Fresh

Believe it or not, there’s more to a gym subscription than paying your monthly dues and showing up regularly. The following etiquette “tips” may not always be posted, so keeping these in mind will ensure that you and the people around you have a pleasant experience.

1)   Always bring a towel with you to the gym (if your gym doesn’t provide them). Towels help you keep your sweat to yourself. There’s nothing worse than using a machine with someone else’s sweat drenched all over it. Towels also prevent foul odors from taking over the gym. Also, look for towels made out of bamboo for added softness and comfort.   

2)   Keep it moving:  For most people, the gym is a place to burn off the extra calories and get in shape. If you are the type of person who goes to the gym other than to work out, be respectful of people’s time when socializing in the gym. Don’t strike up a conversation with someone while they are concentrating on their workouts.  

3)   Wear clean gym attire and don’t forget deodorant.  It’s good to care how you look and smell at the gym.  So, leave your pajama pants, torn, dirty or smelly clothes at home.  Also, if you’re going intense on the treadmill consider wearing a bamboo shirt instead of a tank top to circumvent sweat running onto the machine or keep a towel nearby to keep things dry. Finally, for added freshness, consider antimicrobial bamboo shirts which provide an extra layer of protection from odor by eliminating bacteria before they turn your sweat into embarrassing stink.  

4)   Put back all equipment after use: Always pick up after yourself. Your gym membership fee does not include a personal maid service.

5)   Share the equipment if the gym is busy.  Allow others to “work-in” when you take short breaks weights or machines. If you are waiting to use a machine, don’t just stand there and continue tapping your foot either.  Instead wait for them to stop before asking to work-in or go find an unoccupied machine and come back later.   

What’s the point?

When you are clean, fresh, and respectful you enhance the gym experience for yourself and everyone else around you.

Stay Fresh!

-The Singlo Sport Team

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