Top Reasons to Consider Bamboo Shirts

Quality Organic Bamboo Shirts

If someone told you that they just purchased a “bamboo shirt” you most likely would be thinking to yourself “Really … Bamboo??” The word bamboo gives off images of being rough and prickly … and not associated with something you would want to put next to your skin. However, when it comes to bamboo shirts the truth could not be more different. Here are a number of reasons that you should consider looking into bamboo shirts.


We all want to look good when we are out and about. However, we must also keep in mind that we want to be comfortable at the same time. There is nothing worse than being at work, at the gym, or on travel uncomfortable either because our clothes are rough against our skin or the garments don’t breathe which can make us feel slimy. Bamboo shirts have a wonderfully soft texture and will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Bamboo has the amazing benefit of pulling moisture away from your skin. As a result, this helps keep you fresh and dry. Imagine the confidence this provides to anyone playing sport, traveling, or in any outdoor situation. It is also extremely valuable for business professionals who may have meetings where they have to be physically close to people. Body odor is not fun at all and wearing bamboo shirts can help with this problem. Everyone knows that synthetic fabrics are prone to collecting odor, so bamboo shirts can be a great alternative for people who can’t stand the stink.


Bamboo shirts are truly unique given the fact that they have amazing insulating capabilities, but at the same time also highly breathable. This is a huge benefit for athletes who want to keep their gear as light as possible but also need the thermal qualities to ensure they keep as warm as possible in cold conditions. Wearing good quality bamboo shirts with its nice thermal qualities eliminates the need for big bulky winter gear.

What’s really interesting is the fact that the same qualities in bamboo shirts which keep you “warm” in “cold conditions” also has the ability to keep you “cool” in “warmer conditions.” Along with the moisture wicking qualities listed above this makes for wonderfully cool and light summer clothing.


Bamboo shirts have a natural antimicrobial and antifungal quality that stops the growth of bacteria. Imagine the confidence you would have knowing that your shirt is fighting odors for you. This is perfect for people who work out in groups or in close environments such as yoga class.


The nice thing about bamboo shirts is that they are mildew resistant. This a great advantage in humid climates. With bamboo shirts you can store your clothes knowing that they will remain dry and odor free.


Bamboo Shirts are naturally hypoallergenic. For anyone who allergies this can be a life saver. Many people who have allergies realize that they can wear bamboo shirts without any reactions that they can get when they wear other kinds of fabrics.  

Bamboo Shirts = UV RESISTANT

Bamboo shirts are also naturally UV resistant. This is great for many athletes who spend time in sun training.

Bamboo Shirts = EASY CARE

Bamboo shirts can be washed in cold water and needs a minimal amount of soap due to the natural antibacterial and antifungal nature of the fabric itself which helps to dispel any germs which may be present.

Drying any clothing is best done by line drying but bamboo shirts can go in a cool dryer if necessary. As bacteria will not be present in the clothing it will be odour free and will not require fabric softener.


By purchasing bamboo shirts you are helping out with the environment. The nice thing about these quality t shirts is that they do not require any chemicals in its production. It is nice to know that that we can wear a product that is knowing that it’s chemical free.

Bamboo requires little water and grows in many different soil types, making an extremely versatile plant.


You can be sure that if you give a piece of bamboo shirts as a gift it will become the recipient’s favorite shirt right away!

What’s the Point?

Bamboo shirts have a long list of amazing qualities. These organic t shirts not only make you feel great but they protect you many different elements as well. At Singlo Sport, our bamboo shirts are of the highest quality, and come in a variety of different colors. Check out our products page and get your bamboo shirts now!

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