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Singlo V Bamboo Shirt

Singlo V Bamboo Shirts Now Available

Singlo Sport is happy to announce its latest style of bamboo shirts: The Singlo V. After listening to our customers feedback, we realized that the Singlo V was the perfect new style to be added to the Singlo bamboo shirt lineup. The best part about the new shirt style is that both shirts are available Continue Reading

Quality Organic Bamboo Shirts

Top Reasons to Consider Bamboo Shirts

If someone told you that they just purchased a “bamboo shirt” you most likely would be thinking to yourself “Really … Bamboo??” The word bamboo gives off images of being rough and prickly … and not associated with something you would want to put next to your skin. However, when it comes to bamboo shirts Continue Reading

bamboo shirt

You love the gym! It’s your favorite part of the day, and you go at it hard every day. The question is, what do you do to reduce the stink that comes from working out so you can stay fresh during and after the gym? Bamboo Shirts: How To Stay Fresh During and After The Continue Reading

tech t shirt colors midnight black and dirty purple

Bamboo Shirts: New Colors Have Arrived

Singlo Sport is happy to announce that two new colors have been added to the bamboo shirt family. After listening to our customers feedback, we realized that Midnight Black and Dirty Purple were the perfect new colors to be added to the Singlo bamboo shirt lineup. The best part about the new color offerings is Continue Reading

Bamboo Shirts Fight Odor And Keep You Feeling Fresh

Believe it or not, there’s more to a gym subscription than paying your monthly dues and showing up regularly. The following etiquette “tips” may not always be posted, so keeping these in mind will ensure that you and the people around you have a pleasant experience. 1)   Always bring a towel with you to the Continue Reading

Antimicrobial Bamboo Shirts Can Prevent Foul Odor

Does your workout gear smell? If so, you’re not alone … When it comes to working out and exercising, equipping your body with the right gear is necessary to feel both comfortable and cool. Sometimes with all the new technology that companies put into designing a shirt for exercise performance and comfort it may seem a Continue Reading

Antimicrobial Protection Is A Growing Trend In Sportwear

Sportswear is constantly changing. Here are five key trends that are shaping the industry: Trend #1: Compression Compression garments (clothing that fits closely to the body) has received much attention in recent years since there is a growing body of research to attest to its health and performance benefits including “enhanced circulation.” Some independent studies Continue Reading

iPhone Running Band

Antimicrobial Shirt: 7 Gym Essentials

The days of heading to the gym in nothing but your plain cotton t shirt with yellow pit-stains is over! Here are 7 gym essentials that will provide both added style and performance to your next workout. 1) iPod/mp3 Player Holder Are you still carrying your mp3 player in your pocket? If you are, get Continue Reading

dirty clothing

How often should you be washing your clothes?

According to a survey from Clorox, One in Eight men admit to wearing a single pair of underwear two to three times before washing. Furthermore—over 50% of them use the “smell test” to determine whether their clothes are dirty enough to throw in the wash. This may sound sound a bit nasty, but some may Continue Reading