Q. Is SingloTex™, the technology in the Singlo T antimicrobial shirt, safe for humans?

A. SingloTex™ dye coating is made from organic material and is safe in all respects for humans. The singlet oxygen that is generated from the dye is natural. Humans generate singlet oxygen themselves naturally.

Q. If SingloTex™ is transparent, how will I know it is on a surface?

A. SingloTex™ is mainly transparent with a slight blue tint so it can be seen on white shirts.

Q. What microbes is SingloTex™ effective against?

A. Bacteria of all types are deactivated by the strong oxidative effect of SingloTex™ coatings. The coating even has the ability to kill dangerous staph—germs responsible for a range of illnesses from minor skin infections to life-threatening diseases Please see our technology page for information about how SingloTex™ reduces virulent bacteria.

Q. How is SingloTex™ applied?

A. SingloTex™ is applied through our fabric dipping process. Since the dye sticks to the fibers of the antimicrobial shirt at the molecular level, only a very small amount of organic dye is needed.

Q. Is there any odor from the product itself?

A. None. In fact, unpleasant odors from sweat will disappear as SingloTex™ breaks down bacteria that cause them

Q. After it is applied, how long does it last?

A. The SingloTex™ dye permanently bonds to the fabric. After application, the patent-pending SingloTex™ functional coating becomes water-insoluble and will not come off. SingloSport products maintain antimicrobial efficacy even after repeated cleanings.

Q. Will SingloTex™ work in cold and hot climates?

A. Yes. Once applied, the photocatalytic action occurs even in freezing temperatures or in high heat.
All you need is light!

Q. Why do you not recommend nano silver coatings that other companies use to remove bacteria?

A. Simply because silver is toxic and dangerous in the environment. Unlike the silver metal in silverware, which is only mildly reactive, ionic silver, derived from silver nitrates and other silver salts, is a known toxin and acts as a poison. It is a widely recognized biohazard in all aquatic systems, poisoning lakes and the water you drink. Silver is more toxic to aquatic organisms, including fish, than all metals except mercury. SingloTex™ is safe because it is composed of a very small amount of organic dye that uses light to activate and kill bacteria. Silver, on the other hand, like lead and mercury, is a bio-accumulative toxin. As of November 2008, nano-silver was banned from consumer use in the European Union.

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