How To Stay Loose During the Holidays

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The holidays are here!

The days are a bit shorter, and the air is a bit cooler outside.

When its colder outside it’s extra important to make sure that you are stretching everyday … especially when you are doing your holiday shopping. 

Here are five benefits of stretching …

1)    It relieves low back pain

2)    It increases your range of motion

3)    It improves circulation

4)    It increases flexibility

5)    It relieves stress.

Stretching is heavily utilized in most comprehensive fitness plans.

Shopping (especially during the holidays) can sometimes feel like a full blown contact sport: Sprinting from the parking spot to all the stores, lugging around huge bags of clothing, waiting in long lines, and reaching for items on high racks.

All of these activities can really take a toll on your body!

In order to make the holiday shopping experience a little more bearable, here are some stretches that can help you stay loose this holiday season.

Still Stretches: These stretches reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Still stretches are the most common of all stretches. Muscles are lengthened gradually and should be held at the end of the movement for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds. These types of stretches can be particularly useful after spending long hours at the mall. 

PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) Stretches: These type of stretches are targeted to relax muscles and usually need two people to complete the stretch. This type of stretching greatly increases movement around the joints through an isometric muscle contraction followed by an intense stretch.

Energetic Stretches: You should always do some type of engergetic warm up before long shopping days. Simply put, a dynamic warm-up will replicate some of the shopping movements at a lower intensity. Examples include marching like movements, touching your toes, and holding light dumbbells while walking and moving  A dynamic stretch should always be done before a long shopping day.

Finally, make sure that you are dressing properly for your shopping excursions. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, comfortable shirts, and preferably supportive sneakers. Light weight, loose fitting clothing will also be a good idea to keep you comfortable shopping throughout the holiday season.

Stay safe, stay fresh, and happy holidays

-The Singlo Team

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