Singlo Sport Recognizes Earth Day 2012

Antimicrobial Tech Shirt - Earth Day

Earth Day has motivated people and organizations around the globe to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Originally established in 1970, Earth Day is now a world recognized event.

While earth day is a great way to remember that our earth needs to be protected, the important thing is not to forget about the environment as soon as Earth Day has passed. The real goal is to continue protecting of our environment and making eco conscious 24/7.

Why is Singlo Sport recognizing Earth Day?

Singlo Sport is committed to producing both sustainable materials and green technology. Not only are the materials within Singlo Sport tech shirts 100% organic (70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton) but SingloTex™ (the antimicrobial dye that eliminates unwanted odors) is 100% solvent free. This means there are no dangerous toxic solvents of any kind in Singlo Sport tech shirts.

When you place people and the environment at the heart of product design and manufacturing you are following the principles of what is called Green Chemistry.

Green Chemistry takes nature’s biological processes to create molecules, materials, and processes that are safe and high-performing. Because it emphasizes increased reliance on renewable inputs, Green chemistry provides the means of shifting towards a bio-based economy.

How does Singlo Sport practice green chemistry?

Since SingloTex™ (Singlo Sport’s odor block technology) harnesses the power of light (a sustainable source of energy) to generate an infinite supply of Singlet Oxygen (which eliminates the foul odors that build up during exercise) it’s 100% efficient and uses zero waste.

To summarize … Singlo Sport antimicrobial tech shirts are Green in the following ways:

  • Non Toxic – Zero solvents used
  • Self-Regenerating –  Catalytic – Transfers energy from light 24/7
  • Avoids waste – Doesn’t waste any materials. Doesn’t deplete
  • 100% Organic – 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton


What’s the point?

Environmentally benign alternative technologies have been proven to be economically superior and function better than traditional toxic options. Given a choice between traditional options and green solutions, companies need to choose responsibly. There is tremendous untapped opportunity for coming up with green practices. and all of these efforts can make the world a better place to live.

Cheers to Our Earth!

-The Singlo Sport Team

P.S. Don’t Forget Earth Day is on April 22nd

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