The secret behind our custom bamboo shirts is our revolutionary patented technology:


SingloTex™ utilizes an organic dye to react with light to produce what’s known as Singlet Oxygen. Singlet Oxygen is nature’s defense against odor. It is a natural agent, delivering better protection against odor. Singlet Oxygen and its miraculous properties are why we named our company Singlo Sport.

Ok. Sounds impressive right? … But right now you’re probably thinking to yourself “How does this technology work?”

The organic dye incorporated into all Singlo bamboo shirts is activated by all forms of light. Once activated, right away, the dye begins generating the Singlet Oxygen, which starts eliminating odors right away. The best part is that Singlo Sport products maintain their antimicrobial power even after repeated washings.

How effective is SingloTex™ ? …

In independent lab tests, SingloTex™ was found to kill 99% of the common ODors Caused BY sweat.

Now that is serious bacteria elimination!

Light energized SingloTex™ works constantly, and does not wear out as with bound ammonium salts, copper and silver. Unlike ALL other odor block technologies, SingloTex™ is not a diluted chemical poison, dangerous pesticide or heavy metal (i.e. silver ions). The astounding oxidizing power of SingloTex™ comes from light itself. SingloTex™ is the most eco-friendly technology to hit the market and has no toxic side effects. 

Like nature’s photosynthesis, SingloTex™ simply uses the power of light on a catalyst to safely remove unwanted odor.

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SingloTex™ ~ Protection for the mind, body and soul!

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