Antimicrobial Shirt Organic Protection

Antimicrobial Protection against bacteria and odor can come from different approaches.

At Singlo Sport, we prefer the natural approach to antimicrobial protection…

In order to understand a little more about the different types of antimicrobial technologies out there, here are a few of the common technologies defined:

Organic Antimicrobials: Are carbon based that can be created from naturally occurring sources. Singlo Sport uses organic antimicrobials to eliminate bacteria and odor.

Inorganic Antimicrobials:  Come principally from mineral sources of non-biological origin. Some examples of inorganic antimicrobial technologies include silver and copper. Silver has been around forever, but is a bio-accumulative toxin and has also been known to wash out of fabric if it is applied as nano particles . It’s important to note, that as of November 2008, nano-silver was banned from consumer use in the European Union.

So what’s the point?

If you are looking for antimicrobial clothing it’s important to know what kind of protection you’re getting. Singlo Sport utilizes an organic antimicrobial dye technology called SingloTex™. When the dye comes in contact with any form of light (sunlight or indoor light) it generates a bacteria destroying agent called Singlet Oxygen which safely removes bacteria and odor on the surface it’s applied to. SingloTex™ offers a permanent solution to bacteria and odor elimination. After application, the organic dye bonds to the fabric at the molecular level and will not come off. SingloSport products maintain antimicrobial efficacy even after repeated washings.

SingloTex™ = Organic. Effective. Permanent

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