Sportswear is becoming increasingly advanced, so I wanted to take a moment to explain the different types of technology options available.

First, let’s talk fabrics – There are lots of types to choose from …

Polyester: Polyester is probably the most common used fabric in sportswear today. It’s light and easily wicks sweat away from its surface to keep you dry. However, one of the drawbacks to Polyester is that it’s a synthetic fabric so it builds up bacteria odor very easy.

Cotton: Cotton has been around forever and is inexpensive. The problem with 100% cotton garments is that they are not optimal at wicking away sweat, provides medium comfort, and are not environmentally friendly (unless you the cotton is organic).

Lycra: Garments made with Lycra are known for their ability to be stretch. They also are lightweight, and breathable. It is quick drying and dyes very well, and it is resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and chlorine.

Bamboo: Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that this material is naturally antimicrobial, ultra soft, SPF proof, is good at wicking away sweat. It’s also 100% organic and eco friendly. Singlo Sport uses a blend of bamboo and organic cotton in its tech tee garments. For more info on the benefits of bamboo click here

Beyond fabric some brands, such as Singlo Sport, are now offering antimicrobial protection against germs and odor. Here are some of the antimicrobial technologies available today:  

Silver Nano Particles: Silver has been around forever as an antimicrobial agent. Silver nano particles eliminate bacteria comes into contact. The problem with nano silver particles is that they can wash out over time. Silver has also been known to be toxic and bad for the environment when it gets washed down the drain. 

Silver Nylon: Silver Nylon is now making its way into certain products and can also be effective against bacteria. The problem with Silver Nylon though is that it can only be applied to certain types of fabric.Lululemon uses silver nylon in some of its products. 

SingloTex™: Singlo Sport utilizes an organic antimicrobial dye technology called SingloTex™. When the dye comes in contact with any form of light (sunlight or indoor light) it generates a bacteria destroying agent called Singlet Oxygen which safely removes bacteria and odor on the surface it’s applied to.

Finally, there are also sweat wicking, and moisture management technologies available to keep you dry…

DryFit: DryFit is a fabric developed by Nike which quickly moves sweat to the outer layer of the fabric, away from your skin, where it can quickly evaporate. The result is that you have a dry, cool fabric against your skin even when heat and humidity levels are high.

CoolMax: Similar to DryFit, CoolMax is a fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system which effectively wicks perspiration away from the body which allows the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

So what’s the point?

There are now many options when choosing your workout gear. Singlo Sport carefully chose organic bamboo as its material to compliment its unique antimicrobial dye technology SingloTex™. As a result, Singlo Sport products provide superior comfort along with natural antimicrobial protection against harmful bacteria and embarrassing odor. 

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