Sun Behind The Tree

Imagine sportswear in which – instead of toxic solvents and chemicals – the manufacturing involved indoor light, sunlight, and oxygen as inputs. Imagine sportswear that biodegrades into utterly benign substances. Imagine pure, clean water leaving factories and polluted sources (rivers, oceans, etc.) brought back to life …

Well the fact is that Singlo Sport’s green chemistry process is making this vision a reality.

Green Chemistry places people and the environment at the heart of product design and manufacturing. It takes nature’s biological processes to create molecules, materials, and processes that are safe and high-performing. Because it emphasizes increased reliance on renewable inputs, Green chemistry provides the means of shifting towards a bio-based economy.

How is Singlo Sport Green?

Not only are the materials within Singlo Sport tech shirts 100% organic (70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton) but SingloTex™ (the antimicrobial dye that eliminates unwanted odors) is 100% solvent free. This means there are no dangerous toxic solvents of any kind in Singlo Sport products.

SingloTex™ harnesses the power of light to create Singlet Oxygen which eliminates foul odors. What’s even better is that Singlo Sport products generate and infinite supply of Singlet Oxygen, and maintain their antimicrobial power for the life of the application. Unlike other antimicrobial products that deplete over time, SingloTex™ never depletes and continues to go to work for you 24/7. 

The Chemicals you don’t know about …

It was recently brought to attention that certain well-known sportswear brands contain a hazardous chemical that can inhibit male sexual development and cause early female development! The non-governmental organization, Greenpeace, purchased 78 pieces of clothing and shoes manufactured by 15 brands from 18 countries, and tests revealed that two-thirds of them contained the chemical nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). Scary Stuff!

With Singlo Sport you don’t have to worry about harmful toxic solvents of any kind.To summarize: Singlo Sport antimicrobial shirts are

  • Non Toxic
  • Self-Regenerating
  • Catalytic – Transfers energy from light
  • Avoids waste – Doesn’t waste any materials. Doesn’t deplete
Whats the Point? 

The next time you’re shopping for your next sports garment its always good to consider the environment and determine whether or not company you are purchasing from is working towards making our planet a better place.

Stay Fresh

-The Singlo Team

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