Top 3 Benefits of Antimicrobial Clothing

Antimicrobial Running

Antimicrobial clothing eliminates the growth of odor-causing bacteria  and is becoming increasingly popular among athletes. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider antimicrobial clothing the next time you are looking for new sports gear.

1)  Keeps You Protected From Harmful Bacteria – Bacteria that builds up on clothing can be harmful and dangerous. Staph infections are becoming increasingly common from exercise. Antimicrobials take this fear out of the equation.

2)  Keeps You Stink Free – The main purpose of going to the gym is to feel good about yourself. But why is it that when you finish your workout you stink and feel gross? Antimicrobial clothing can keep you feeling “fresh” both during and after your workout by keeping bacteria and odor away.

3)  Get More Mileage Out of Your Clothing – Going on a long trip?  Have a long day of travel? Antimicrobial clothing stays fresh far longer than ordinary shirts. This means you can pack lighter for long trips and essentially don’t have to worry about washing like you normally do with other clothes. Antimicrobial products can also save you time and money on doing laundry. 

What’s the point?

Antimicrobial clothing eliminates odor-causing bacteria which in return keeps you safe, fresh, and can also save you time & money.

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