Founder of Singlo SportSinglo Sport was established to make available to the public a remarkable, comfortable, breathable anti-odor shirt. The shirts are made of bamboo - a fabric that, when worn, feels like a cross between cashmere and silk—and treated with a proven bacteria-destroying organic dye solution, SingloTex™, developed by our company chemists. 

Our bamboo shirts are perfect for active people who work out regularly. Singlo Sport CEO Adam Noar is an eager sports enthusiast himself, and he enjoys surfing, running, mountain biking, hiking and soccer. He and the company are committed to offering better comfort along with better protection against bacteria that accumulate during exercise by making a one-of-a-kind bamboo shirt, available to you.

Singlo Sport is a subsidiary of Singlogen Inc., a biotech company with research in San Diego California. Singlogen is currently seeking “qualified alliances” worldwide with potential licensees for its novel “Green” dye delivery technology in order to promote the next key stages of its research and development strategies.

Singlogen intends to function primarily as an intellectual property, R&D and product development company, moving products to the marketplace through alliances with world leaders in specific sectors where its innovative delivery technology applies, including water treatment, medicine, coatings and textiles.

The company’s novel solvent-free technology is environmentally benign, and embraces the principles of “green chemistry” in order to make the planet a safer and healthier place to live.


“As a professional athlete it gives me peace of mind that Singlo Sport bamboo shirts keep me both fresh and safe. On top of all that, the fit is amazing and the fabric is super soft. I just love working out in this shirt!” Angela Durazo, Professional Triathlete, San Diego, CA “I really love these bamboo shirts! I think it’s a great product and I recommend it to everyone out there!” Joe Decker, Guinness World Record Holder "Fittest Man", San Diego, CA “I reached out to Singlo Sport when I needed a sport tech garment that would protect me from odor while I was spending 30 days straight rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. I ended up wearing this shirt 25 days straight and it never once let me down!” Bryan Fuller, Professional Rower, Boston, MA