The “Singlo T” provides an extra layer of protection against odor- causing bacteria that other workout shirts just can’t be beat. Thanks to revolutionary new SingloTex™ technology that utilizes antimicrobial organic dye, the “Singlo T” keeps your workouts cleaner than ever by eliminating odor-causing bacteria on your shirt.

Made out of super soft and highly absorbent viscose bamboo (a sustainable materials), the Singo T is bound to become your favorite. The shirt can be washed and dried along with your other linens, and the SingloTex protection will not fade over time. Like all of the products brought to you by Singlo Sport, the Singlo T is made in the TBD (USA or China)

The Singlo T is available in three sizes for men and women and comes in a variety of colors

SingloTex is a new breakthrough technology that utilizes an organic dye to react with sunlight to produce singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen is nature’s defense against bacteria. The Singlet Oxygen is a natural antimicrobial agent, delivering superior protection against odor-causing bacteria.

The organic dye incorporated into all Singlo Sport products are activated by light, such as sunlight or artificial indoor light. Once activated, the dye begins releasing singlet oxygen, which immediately start eliminating odor-causing bacteria on contact.

Singlo Sport had conducted independent lab tests that showed a kill factor of 99% against common bacterium found in sweat.

This Singlet Oxygen creates what we call a Singlo Screen Zone – an area of protection in your home, at the gym, or wherever you choose to work out. Trust Singlo Sport to keep your workout clean.

Even if you dont work out they are great for everday use and as an undershirt for business attire. They feel like a blend of cashmere and silk. You will never want to take this shirt off!

Great fit. Softer than your softest cotton shirt. People are going to touch you. Made from the fastest growing plant on earth. You’ll like these shirts.

Light weight seamless performance top with mesh venting in high sweat areas

SingloTex fabric has anti-stink and anti static properties

Seam-free for chafe resistance & comfort

Has wicking, so please sweat all you want

Preshrunk for hassle free laundering