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Welcome, and thanks for logging on to the Singlo Sport blog! I want to start off my blog series by first saying a big “thank you” to all my friends and supporters for helping me get Singlo off the ground. I am very excited about the future of this company, and want to take this opportunity to announce that we now have our first antimicrobial product, the Singlo T, ready to be shipped!

So, what is this Blog all about?

Well, the only aim that I had in my mind while deciding to start this blogging series was to provide the readers with insightful knowledge and also share tips related to health and fitness, which also happens to be one of my passions in life. That’s just about it! This blog is going to be just full of useful information that will hopefully help the readers improve their daily lives.

For my first official blog entry, I think it would be good to address the most obvious question many of you might have…

Why and How was Singlo Sport developed?      

Health and fitness has always been my life’s passion. I love all kinds of adventure and recreation activities including long distance running, playing soccer, surfing, mountain biking, and hiking. Apart from this, I also enjoy working out in the gym and practicing yoga.

The problem I faced was, no matter what kind of physical activity I undertook, I always started out feeling extremely fresh and energized. But, as time progressed, I started sweating profusely and eventually started to smell … which made me feel gross both during and after the activity.

Then one day…

My father, a life-long chemist, told me about an organic antimicrobial dye technology he had just finished patenting, that could naturally eliminate the odor causing bacteria present in our sweat. The most amazing part is that the technology was later lab tested and shown to kill 99% of Staph bacteria which have become a major cause of hospital-acquired infections.

I knew right away that there was an opportunity for me to create an amazing product using this technology.

I then began extensive running sessions to field test the technology, specifically on bamboo shirts (which already have antimicrobial properties) since they absorbed the organic dye better than any other fabric we had tested.

And, as expected after each run, there was no smell! 5 days later … no smell! Even after 30 days … Nothing!

We decided to call this novel technology SingloTex™ due to fact the organic dye reacts with any form of light (indoor or outdoor) to release a special type of oxygen called Singlet Oxygen which naturally kills any bacteria present on the fabric’s surface.

Thus, Singlo Sport was born. No more bacteria! No more odor!

I hope all of you who are reading this blog, will take the opportunity to try out this amazing antimicrobial sports gear. Also, please feel free to submit your questions & comments at the end of each blog or feel free to contact me personally at

Bye for now,

Adam (CEO Singlo Sport)

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