Spring Heat

A new survey just came out that says sweat and body odor is a top of mind concern for women when temperatures begin to increase in the spring.

A new “State of Sweat” study by Degree Women® shows that although women spend more than half of a working day being active, almost 50% have actually tried to move less in order to sweat less when their deodorant isn’t working.

Furthermore, many women report going to great strides to make sure no one smells their body odor. Some of these measures include applying extra layers of deodorant (67%) and avoiding raising their arms (62%).

What’s also interesting is that the survey shows that 73% of women say their current deodorant doesn’t always work.

These findings are pretty shocking!

Here at Singlo Sport we think it’s crazy that you should have to worry about sweat and body odor during exercise, and on the go. The good news is that with the help of antimicrobial tech shirts from Singlo Sport you can finally kiss your fear of body odor away.

The Singlo tech shirt is the ONLY garment that contains SingloTex™ Technology which provides better elimination of bacteria and odor that build up during exercise. As a result, you can finally feel fresh and protected no matter how intense your workout. On top of that, we guarantee that our bamboo shirts are the most comfortable t shirts you will ever own.

So, no matter how hot the temperatures outside get, you can be sure that Singlo Sport antimicrobial bamboo shirts have got you covered … even if your deodorant fails!

Stay Fresh!

- The Singlo Sport Team

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