Antimicrobial Shirt - Sweat Challenge

Singlo Sport recently teamed up with some local San Diego athletes to put its Singlo Tech Shirts to the ultimate sweat workout test.

The training session lasted about an hour under the intense San Diego heat, and by the end of the workout all athletes were completely drenched in sweat.

Not surprisingly, all testers mentioned that there was no odor at the end of the workout session.

“Unlike other workout tops that I have worn in the past, the Singlo T was amazingly soft … and had zero odor at the end of the workout … which is fantastic!” said one of athletes.

Do you think you have an intense workout that would be good sweat test for the Singlo Tech T? Send us your workout routine through our contact page, and you may have a chance to win a free tech tee from Singlo Sport for your next workout.

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