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How To Stay Loose During the Holidays

The holidays are here! The days are a bit shorter, and the air is a bit cooler outside. When its colder outside it’s extra important to make sure that you are stretching everyday … especially when you are doing your holiday shopping.  Here are five benefits of stretching … 1)    It relieves low back pain Continue Reading

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How often should you be washing your clothes?

According to a survey from Clorox, One in Eight men admit to wearing a single pair of underwear two to three times before washing. Furthermore—over 50% of them use the “smell test” to determine whether their clothes are dirty enough to throw in the wash. This may sound sound a bit nasty, but some may Continue Reading

Antimicrobial Tech Shirt - Earth Day

Singlo Sport Recognizes Earth Day 2012

Earth Day has motivated people and organizations around the globe to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Originally established in 1970, Earth Day is now a world recognized event. While earth day is a great way to remember that our earth needs to be protected, the important thing is not to forget about the environment Continue Reading

Antimicrobial Shirt - Sweat Challenge

Singlo Sport recently teamed up with some local San Diego athletes to put its Singlo Tech Shirts to the ultimate sweat workout test. The training session lasted about an hour under the intense San Diego heat, and by the end of the workout all athletes were completely drenched in sweat. Not surprisingly, all testers mentioned Continue Reading

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