This week Singlo Sport was featured on undershirtguy.com.When I spoke to the website’s founder, Tug, I was asked some really good questions about Singlo Sport shirts that I thought would be worthy of sharing on our website also. 

OK here it goes …

Tug: Based on the information I have read on your website, it appears that any type of light activates the odor-eliminating functionality of the shirt. What happens if someone wants to wear your Singlo performance shirt as a base-layer, underneath other clothes?

Singlo Sport: In order for the shirt to eliminate odor, it does need light (either indoor or sunlight) in order to activate the dye that generates the Singlet Oxygen necessary to get rid of the odor. However, that being said, only a small amount of light is needed. Therefore, if the user were to use the performance shirt as an undershirt (underneath a business shirt … for example), there will be enough light to penetrate through and activate the dye.

Tug: Traditionally bamboo and cotton are less known for their sweat wicking abilities, and more recognized for their high sweat absorbing capability. You mention that the Singlo T has good “wicking” . Therefore, I’m interested to learn more about how this works since this isn’t typically seen in traditional fabrics.

Singlo Sport: This is another great question … The interesting thing about bamboo is that it is both highly absorbent (soaks up sweat) & highly wicking (moves sweat away from the body). Bamboo fiber is very unique in that its individual fibers have cross sections filled with micro-holes and micro-gaps. This provides  bamboo fabric the ability to absorb moisture 4X that of cotton! The same characteristics that give bamboo fabric its absorbency also give it its amazing wicking abilities.

Tug: I’ve run across some folks that have unpleasant body odor even if they are not working out. If those people wear the Singlo Sport tech tee, will it eliminate that individual’s natural body odor?

Singlo Sport: It’s important to clarify that Singlo products will not stop someone’s natural body scent from secreting from their skin. Also, contrary to common belief, when people exercise their sweat does not actually smell at all! Yet, their sweat does quickly serve as the perfect place for bacteria to breed and grow at a very fast rate. These bacteria break down our sweat to produce fatty acids which give off the foul aroma that drives people crazy. So, the only way to eliminate the odor is to eliminate the bacteria. The Singlo provides an invisible zone of protection that eliminates the bacteria that are trying to grow in your sweat. If you eliminate the bacteria then you can’t have odor.

I hope these questions and answers are useful to anyone who is exploring more about our product. If you have any further questions that you wish to be addressed please contact us through our contact form here

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